Have you ever wanted to be on a reality show?  Here's your chance.  BIG BROTHER is holding an open casting call at the Mall of America this Saturday, March 30 from 1-4pm.  What do you need to know to get one step closer to $500,000.  Big Brother Casting Director Robyn Kass shared these tips with MOA.

MOA: What exactly are you looking for when you interview for Big Brother?

Robyn Kass: We’re always looking for people who are super competitive and opinionated. We like people who stand up for their views, whatever their views may be.   People with interesting life experiences and willing to share stories.

MOA: What makes a potential candidate stand out?

R.K.: Anything can make a person stand out- the way they talk, walk, smile, laugh, joke. There’s a special quality that will make us want to hear more about them, some times we can’t put your finger on it.

MOA: What would you tell someone to avoid when interviewing for the show?

R.K.: Don’t try to be someone you’re not.  No costumes or fake accents to try and “stand out”, if you’re great you won’t need any of that!

MOA: Do you look for certain combinations of contestants or do you pick individually and then just see how they get along?

R.K.: We pick individually and once we’re at the end of casting we start looking at the different combinations and make sure they right people are in the house together.  That is one of the reasons why we tell people to keep trying out….. just cause you’re not right for this season, doesn’t mean you won’t be right for a future season!

Could you live inside the BIG BROTHER House with a group of strangers while multiple cameras record your every move and sound 24 hours a day, seven days a week?  For more details, click here.

Janelle Pierzina, Season 3 All-Star and Favorite, will be at the event for a meet and greet and autograph signing. Click here for more details.