All these awesome women are hitting us with new music! Pink, Taylor, Kesha, and now Kelly!

It's been a couple years since Kelly Clarkson graced us with some new music, but it was worth the wait!

Kelly's new album, Meaning of Life, will be out October 27th, but to tide us over she released not one, but two new songs!

"Love So Soft" and "Move You.""Love So Soft" is a little more uptempo and fun. And the music video is totally different for Kelly. It's a little more edgy in its visuals and quite a bit of special effects. "Move You" is a ballad all about wanting to be everything to someone else.

Kelly Clarkson said in a tweet that this is the album she's always wanted to make. She's switched record labels and doing her thing!

Take a listen to both new songs!


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