If you online date then you should understand the importance of the profile picture. Similar to the importance of it on your facebook page. I have a very strict rule when online dating: IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PICTURE I WON'T RESPOND! My feeling is that you are hiding something if there isn't a picture attached to your profile. What are you hiding? Are you married? Are you ashamed? Are you hideous?

What can be even worse then the "no picture" is the "not you" picture! These "not you" pictures are photoshopped or pictures they took off the web of models. It's so deceiving and some people actually fall for that! Here are some ways to not fall for the "Profile Picture Faker" and some guidelines for you if your putting up your profile picture:

  • There should be 3-5 pics of you on your profile.
  • Do NOT put pics up of just your car, dog, kids, you and a friend or a group of people. Especially don't put pics up with you and your sister, if you're a guy, the ladies will think it's your girlfriend and will be turned off.
  • Updated pics ONLY! Not of when you were in high school or 7 years ago. All pictures should be current within 3-6 months old.
  • The more pictures of you the better.
  • Make sure we can see what your face looks like, include a full body shot as well as a head shot.
  • WEAR CLOTHES! This may sound silly but the guys who put up pictures without a shirt on generally are after "No Strings Attached" type relationships.
  • Show pics of you doing things you enjoy doing.

It's only fair if you can see my picture that I get to see yours. Online dating is about the picture first, profile second. We judge on looks first. This is true for any type of dating. You have to be attracted to the person in order to date them.

Don't fall for the "I can text you or email you a picture of me" line. I will not give out that info so easily and if you can't put a picture up immediately then I won't take you seriously.

If they tell you that they don't have any, its a lie. In the days of digital camera's and cameras on phones it is nearly impossible to not have a picture available. If they can set up an online dating profile they can add a picture.

Don't fall for the fakers and stand your ground! Good Luck!