If you're only having a cup of Folgers in the morning, you may be cheating yourself out of a great cup of coffee.  There are really good coffee shops all over Sioux Falls, but one stands out as the best in South Dakota according to one website.

The website MentalFloss.com has put together a list of the best coffee shops in America. They chose Josiah's Coffeehouse & Cafe in downtown Sioux Falls to represent South Dakota.

Here's what the website says about Josiah's:

What Josiah’s lacks in frills it makes up for in flavor, with simple, tasty brews, high-quality espressos, and, for pastry aficionados, a mean caramel sticky bun. After four successful years, Josiah’s has become a staple in the community with Sioux Falls locals singing its praises across social media.

While you're having your cup of joe, make sure you enjoy breakfast, lunch or dessert. Josiah's specializes in homemade, good food that will make you become a regular.


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