Target is jumping on the "Dark Gray Thursday" bandwagon. The retail giant announced that it will open its stores on Thanksgiving at 9 P.M. This news has some of it's employees very unhappy.

An online petition was started to beg Target to not open their doors on Thanksgiving, allowing employees to spend the entire day with their families. Another gripe of the petition is that they will have to go to work late in the evening after an entire day with family.

Employees aren't the only ones complaining. Even shareholders are upset with the decision to open on Thanksgiving.

People who take a job in retail should know going in that the busiest times for the stores are the times you're going to have to work. But when the only two days you know you're going to get off are the two biggest family holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then have one of them taken away, minimally paid employee rage is completely understandable.

Is there really that much to be gained by opening seven hours earlier? Disgruntled employees and bad PR is there to be had for sure. But Target's "Minnesota nice" perception is not worth tarnishing for allegedly a few extra bucks and keeping up with the Walmarts.