There are things you remember from yesteryear. Thing that you hold onto. I remember the table top Ms. Pac-Man game at Dairy Queen and Freedom Rock commercials. These are nostalgic touchstones that represent times in our lives. But a lot of stuff evaporates in the mists of time. But, thanks to the internet I can trip over things that release a flood of memories.

Fisher Price Milk Carrier

I forgot all about this thing until I saw it on some Pintrest board. As a kid we had a set for years. It started out in the toy box and made their way to the sandbox.

Snoopy Sno Cone Machine

I only remember the commercial for this, I have never seen on in real life.


Little Professor

A picture of this toy came up on some feed or another. This was a toy I'd always find at the bottom of a friend's toy box, long forgotten with no batteries.


California Raisins

One of my first cassettes was the California Raisins' album. All the hits of the 60s as heard in 80s movie trailers. The tape is long gone with my memories of their existence.