I was honored to be one of the first to try Noddles & Company before it opens.  I had signed up on their website months ago to get notifications and I was invited to a special meal on Saturday.

I tried the Pasta Fresca with grilled chicken and it was delicious.  The Pasta Fresca as described on the menu is Penne with balsamic, olive oil, white wine and roasted garlic, red onion, tomato and spinach, and your choice of parmesan or feta cheese.  I chose parmesan.  MMMhmmm good.

As seen here it was a pretty hefty portion.  I also had a side salad that was pretty good.  I'm still not positive what the dressing was, but it was tasty.  I think it was a balsamic possibly.

Because we were special guests this meal was on the house, but my total meal would have been around $11.50 with a drink.  It seems a little steep, but I did have a good portion leftover so really, it is two meals in one.

Plus, look how cute the to go containers are.

Noodles & Company opens today, July 15th at 57th and Louise.