So Monday, Aug 20th was the first day of school for my daughters, who entered into 2nd and 5th grade. I took the day off to send them off since I haven't done that in a couple years since I work mornings. We set out outfits, packed the lunches and hair was done up cute. I usually get weepy on milestones such as birthdays or first days of school, but no tears were shed from both parties. Quincy chose to wear purple, her favorite color, and a Glee T-shirt and Thea picked out some sequins. They were dressed for success and ready to go!

All in all, they both had a good day. But Thea had a major concern. First of all Thea doesn't really like school except art time. She has had issues in reading and writing so she honestly dreads it. I can't imagine what she is going through. I didn't have problems with her older sister with issues like that so its new territory for me. But her concern was her teacher. Thea and I met her on open house, she is a really nice lady and Thea had no issues with her at all, even gave her an apple which she loves. The problem is a girl told her that her teacher is really nice on the first day and not the rest of the year.

Now the girl who already doesn't like school now is worried her teacher will be mean! I had a teacher that was mean and just looked angry all the time, but her teacher is really a nice lady. How do I get her to understand that it won't be bad? Honestly, as big hearted as Thea is just a weird look could cause her to think its true.

I told her several times that what this girl said was wrong and I'm just hoping she listens. I wish other kids understood that what they say, which wasn't meant to hurt Thea, can still be traumatizing.

I am praying today went well!