Our warm autumn is lending snow removal crews a hand. As Sioux Falls snow removal crews worked Friday to clear main streets, the City of Sioux Falls says that a Snow Alert will not be declared.

"[B]ecause the ground is still warm and highs will be above freezing today, most of the snow should melt pretty quickly on its own once the storm moves through,” Director of Public Works Mark Cottersaid.

Emergency snow routes will be cleared, but neighborhood streets will not be plowed. Snow removal crews will apply a combination of salt and sand where needed on well-traveled residential streets however.

“Our typical approach on residential streets after light snowfalls when the temperatures are warmer is to apply a mixture of 10 percent salt and 90 percent sand,” says Cotter. “This approach is the most efficient way to move this kind of wet snow under these conditions. When the sun comes out this weekend, the snow should melt quickly.”

Sioux Falls declared a snow alert if the City plans to plow all streets. When an alert is issued parking restrictions go into effect. Vehicles parked on all streets are subject to ticketing and towing.

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