Its been a discussion since last June and now people will not be allowed to smoke around children in city parks in Sioux Falls. The new Sioux Falls tobacco-use policy prohibits the use of tobacco in city parks during youth activities and on all city playgrounds.

The effect applies to kids soccer games but but excludes adult league softball, the skate parks or Great Bear Recreation Area.  Kelby Mieras, park operations manager for Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, said:

“The basis is that, when the facilities are being used for an activity where the participants are youth, kids under 18 years of age, which include all of our playgrounds, that that would be a tobacco-free environment,”

I'm surprised that it has taken so for it to go into effect. I wasn't in favor of the statewide smoking ban in bars in restaurants a few years back. (I still think its up to the owner to decide) but for this...I couldn't agree more!