Lets face it. No one likes chopping onions. There’s the intense burn it inflicts on our eyes, the uncontrollable tears and the extremely potent odor that lingers on and on. About 70 percent of us have these things happen every time we mess with the vegetable.  To the other 30 percent - I’m totally jealous.

The good news is that there may be a much better alternative in the near future. The only problem is that it is not in the U.S., but thousands of miles away in Japan.

The innovative Japanese producer House Foods has developed an onion they call the “Smile Ball.” This awesome new veggie was developed to not irritate the eyes of those chopping or slicing onions. It’s pain and tear-free! Seriously. This is due to the lack of sulfur gas in the onions - which is the prime ingredient in the normal bulbs that causes the pain and crying.

However, they may not have the exact same taste as your standard onion. They’re reportedly sweet when you eat it raw, kind of like fruit. While digging for more info., I couldn’t find the answer to my biggest question: “Does it still taint your breath?” You know, that lingering taste that can stick with you for hours. No one likes that, especially on a date. Major bummer!

Unfortunately, as of right now this “dream onion” is only available in Japanese supermarkets. But I’m hoping this fascinating food makes its way to the United States ASAP. I find it a necessity for all my cooking needs. The only downfall is that it is super expensive. The “Smile Ball “costs about $4.30 per two onions. That’s twice as much as a standard, boring onion.

Source: Fox News