Over the next five years, Sioux Falls is about to become much brighter.

KDLT TV is reporting that Sioux Falls officials have just finished laying out a plan to swap out all the existing light bulbs in the city's 19,000 streetlights to new, more efficient, energy saving LED bulbs.

Currently, only 421 streetlights in the city have the more advanced light bulbs in them. Most of those streetlights are located on the outskirts of town in the new residential developments.

The city has already seen a 46 percent savings in energy costs since making the switch to the new LED bulbs in the streetlights that currently use them. One of the big reasons why the city wants to make the move to all LED bulbs in the future.

Officials say not only do the bulbs help save bucks, they also provide more safety, reducing the shadows on the streets.

Light and Power Superintendent Jerry Jongeling says, "Going forward, the new residential areas will all be LED lighting, new construction projects, interstate projects like Louise coming up next year that will be all LED lighting.”

The conversion will not be cheap the city plans to spend roughly $350,000 to make the switch to LED lights.

Until the all the lights can be replaced, the city asks residents to help them identify non-functioning streetlights within Sioux Falls. People are encouraged to report streetlight outages by going to siouxfalls.org/streetlight.

Source: KDLT TV

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