The city of Sioux Falls has taken a keen interest in that little strip of grass in front of your house between the sidewalk and the curb. Some people call it the boulevard, others, the parking strip. Whatever you choose to call it, you can now landscape on it.

A recently past city ordinance now allows Sioux Falls residents to landscape the area between the sidewalk and street with flowers, natural grasses, and plants.

The old regulation only permitted residents to plant grass or trees in their boulevards.

The city now wants to give residents the opportunity to create beautiful parking strips and boulevards, with one stipulation, you must keep them safe.

There are a few restrictions, plants can be no taller than three feet, and cannot hang over onto the sidewalk. Here's another new change, portions of the parking strip can now contain mulch and rock.

According to city Code Enforcement Manager, Matt Tobias, "The intent is to have as much greenery in this area as possible, like we said the rock actually goes back to one fourth of the total area of the parking strip can be rock. Limiting the mulch to just around the plants and like I said, be creative with that."

The city has also built in an educational period for residents to get used to the new city ordinance. A person caught not following the restrictions, will not receive a citation until 2018.

Find out what you can and cannot do regarding landscaping your parking strips and boulevards here.

Source: KDLT News

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