January is here and here's the best 5 things you can buy this month to save money. Besides, it's fun to shop during a deep-freeze, right?

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    Fitness Equipment

    Overstuff yourself during the holidays? Good news! January is the month that everyone decides to shed a pound or two (or 20...) ... so whether it’s equipment or gym memberships, exercise-related stuff is on sale!

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    We're not really thinking about bikes in the sub-zero South Dakota weather - but if you decide to pull the trigger on a new two wheel ride, it could really pay off this month.

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    Did you know that new models of sofas and loveseats come out in February, so furniture stores want to clear out inventory. It's an opportunity to save 40% - 60% on a "last year" brand new sofa.

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    Winter Coats

    In case you haven't noticed, some stores are already putting shorts on display. The other day, when it was 4 degrees, my wife and I saw a swimsuit sale at Target! Obviously, coats are so...yesterday. Save big on coats now - when we need them!

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    As soon as January 1st hits, calendar prices are slashed ... by as much as 75%. Aaaand your cubicle co-worker cannot have too many cat calendars, right?