On Monday, I had the pleasure of going to the 'In A World Like This Tour' with the Backstreet Boys and special guest Avril Lavigne.

Technically, I've seen BSB (Backstreet Boys for those of you who aren't in the know) twice before. Once after their album, 'This Is Us' came out and again when they toured with New Kids on the Block.  Both times were without Kevin. Remember when Kevin left the group for awhile? So when Kevin came back and a new album and tour followed I had to go! I had to see all five members together!

The day of the concert I was excited, but not overly going crazy and then when it started, I totally lost my shiz! I don't know what came over me. I went crazy! I don't know if there was just something different because it was the original 5 or what, but I couldn't contain myself. Here is a brief look at why I lost my mind. Of course, nothing is like being there, but here is a glimpse into the evening!

Avril started the evening with 'Girlfriend'

My brother rocking with Avril. In his words and I quote, "Yup, she's hot!"

BSB opened with 'The Call.' Did you lose your shiz yet?

Seriously! Nick's crotch grab! OMG! I died!

The hat routine. How can you not love the hat routine?

Now, this is when I totally lost my shiz! This song is taking it way back! I don't think I've ever seen them perform it live...ever! Jam on cuz Backstreet's got it!

Acoustic set! Yes, they place instruments! Haters can shut it now!

AJ is in the crowd!

Obviously they did this song!

Rock Your Body!

Two things! Brian is a monkey and note AJ's Sandlot shirt! Love them!

And that was the end, folks!

Until next time! Because remember, as long as they'll be music, they'll be coming back again. (See what I did there?)