Just a couple weeks ago, Andy and I were talking about how both of us would love to go on a hot air balloon ride even though we are both afraid of heights.

I've always wanted to do it. It is on my bucket list right along with whale watching and reuniting NSync.

So far, I haven't been able to check any of these things off my list.

I thought Friday was going to be my chance! I was at Relay for Life being held on O'Gorman's campus and off in the distance we see a hot air balloon being inflated.

Hmm, curious! So, we find out that a free will donation will get you a tethered ride in the hot air balloon.

My new friend, Rebekah and I, hustle our tushes over there and we are second in line. We put our money in the bucket and start walking toward the balloon and all of a sudden a gust of wind goes by and the balloon started to move.

They said they would resume rides when the wind died down. Of course the balloon people had checked the weather and wind was not in the forecast, but what do ya know, here comes the wind.

The wind died down briefly so I hop in the basket, which was a feat in and of itself. Only one little notch in that basket was hardly enough for short and stout me to swing myself into the basket, but I made it.

So, I get in. Rebekah can't because the basket keeps moving.

Even though I was probably never off the ground more than a couple inches, I now realize why even the slightest wind can make a hot air balloon ride tricky.

The balloon master, conductor, pilot man said it wasn't technically dangerous to do rides in the wind, it would just be scary for first time riders and little kids. (Yup! I agree.)

And honestly, a few times I was nervous. I got very close with the few other strangers in the basket. You kind of just go whichever way the basket goes. Great way to make new friends.

Eventually, the balloon master, conductor, pilot man just decided to deflate the balloon because the wind wasn't letting up.

So even though I didn't technically get a 'real' ride in a hot air balloon I was in the basket, felt the heat from the fire, and was off the ground ever so briefly, so if I never get another chance, I'm going to count this as a check on my bucket list.

Basically, this brief experience made me realize I would most definitely be scared on a 'real' hot air balloon ride, but I still want to do it!

Check out my almost hot air balloon ride here: