Since the early parts of the 20th century, the population of Magnolia, Minnesota hasn’t strayed very far from above or below 200 residents.

As a result, anything that happens would stand to be pretty big news. This may not reach anything along the lines of what happened in the Joel and Ethan Cohen movie named “Fargo”, but intrigue is high for this small town in rural Rock County about six miles from Luverne.

Officials in Pennsylvania say they have arrested a 61-year old man from the town in connection with the murder of a 76-year old woman back in 1991. Full details about the case will be revealed on Friday.

Indiana County (PA) District Attorney Patrick Dougherty recounted some details about the case by revealing that the body of Myrtle McGill was found in December of 1991 as a result of two shots fired through a window of her home. The woman’s car was also stolen according to Dougherty, but nothing was taken from the house.

Undoubtedly, this is quite shocking to the people in Magnolia. Resident Carol Dohlman told KMSP-TV in Minneapolis says having someone like that in town is shocking.

“I just can’t imagine anyone that’s in town here, back then even who would do that.”

The television station also said that no information has been passed along to either the Mayor of Magnolia or the Rock County Sheriff as to the identity of the murder suspect.

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