MTV announced that it will air a one day only 30-minute special on July 2 at 7 pm ET/PT that will be renamed Total Ariana Live. Ariana Grande will get a chance to perform her song 'Problem' in front of a live studio audience in MTV’s Time Square studio.

During the special, which will be hosted by MTV News’ Sway Calloway, (Who else is totally bummed that Carson Daly isn't coming back!?) Grande will also debut her upcoming single, 'Break Free.'

Not that I'm not totally stoked for Ariana getting a special because she is kind of a big deal right now, but I miss old school TRL.

Just Carson Daly, a microphone, and the top 10 requested videos that the public voted on with their dial up internet. Is that so hard to bring back? Ok, so maybe we don't need the dial up internet back, but you know what I mean.

If you're going to bring TRL back, do it right!

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