In a sad but necessary warning AAA is warning drivers of the dangers of playing the new hit game Pokemon Go while driving. Apparently, there have already been several accidents because the driver was holding up their phone to try to "catch" the video game character.

Trying to catch a Pokémon while behind the wheel is a major distraction and increases your risk of causing a crash. Just one quick text or glance to see the next Pokéstop could end up costing you or someone else their life.” - AAA spokesman Josh Carrasco


According to recent alarming statistics more than 600,000 are already using social media behind the wheel - and the Pokémon craze is spiking the numbers.

When a player thinks taking his or her eyes off the road just for a second won't hurt anything, that's when a life changing - or ending - accident could occur.

Want further proof? A driver in Baltimore, MD plowed into the back of a parked police car (with three cops standing beside it) because he was busy looking down at his phone while playing the game.

Play it smart. Keep your eyes on the road - not the app.