One thing that's always interesting is to see what most parents are naming their children nowadays. I'm always curious to see new names coming into existence.

And we're always happy to see older names stay in place. You know, like names of children we grew up with.

It's funny how new names are born. Sometimes it takes a movie to create it.

One example of that, is the name Wendy. That name was never on record until 'Peter Pan' came along.

Sometimes it takes a sports figure. A movie star or singer have played important roles in what we've named our children. Even race car drivers have entered the picture.

Let's first look back to 2012. Aiden was the most popular name for the boys and Sophia topped the list for the girls. Older names still hung in there looking at the top ten, both Jack and Emma made the lists.

Now here are this year's top name choices so far. For the boys, are you ready for this?, it's Bruce. I knew a whole bunch of guys named Bruce fifty years ago.

And for the girls, Marnie topped the list. Marlowe, Nelly and Mavis followed.

Did your name make the top 100 list last year?