Each U.S. state has a band that that they are proud of. A band that worked hard, defied the odds, made it big, but will never forgot where they came from.

Then there are the others. They’re the ones you wish you didn’t have to claim.

Playboy published an article that listed the bands each state in the U.S. should be most embarrassed of - and the list is cringe-worthy.

But what about South Dakota? Well, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is we didn't make the list. The bad news? Playboy said we don’t have any bands at all. Not quite sure that a good thing but we did get a honorable mention.

Anyway, Wyoming didn’t have any bands either.

As for our nearest neighbors? Well, here you go. Bow your heads in shame:

IOWA: SLIPKNOT - "Honestly I would also wear a mask if I were part of Slipknot. Their live shows are great combinations of music and every rejected character from Blumhouse horror movies for the last 20 years."

MINNESOTA: SOUL ASYLUM - "Nothing quite like a downer of a rock song that flashes up pictures of missing children to really bring down the mood. It’s shocking they didn’t have more follow up hits after “Runaway Train” isn’t it?"

NEBRASKA: 311 - "Of all the rock/rap bands from the 90s, the one that holds up the least has to be 311. Shoutout to all those guys out there who have to wake up every morning and see that regrettable 311 tattoo they got when they were 17."

NORTH DAKOTA: WIZ KHALIFA - "It’s not that Wiz is necessarily a bad rapper. It’s just that you really don’t want the most recognizable and well-known musician from your state to be arrested in an airport for refusing to get off his hoverboard."

See the entire list here. (Ok, safe for work)

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