One of the many reasons I don't like outside is because of mosquitoes. I was convinced that mosquitoes liked me more than other people and now I have proof!

It is true, some people attract those annoying insects more than other people. Sometimes it's at no fault of your own, but sometimes there are things you can do to keep them away. had a pretty interesting article all about what attracts mosquitoes.

According to them, sweating can attract mosquitoes. This is because of the lactic acid produced by sweat glands. So, if you're a sweater, watch out. Or just shower regularly.

Another thing that attracts the blood suckers is your blood type. This you can't really do much about. This part of the article I found so interesting:

Studies have found that people with Type O blood are bitten most often, followed by Type B, then Type A. In fact, Type O’s are so appealing to mosquitoes that they’re twice as likely to suffer bites than Type A. In addition, if you happen to be among the estimated 85% of people who emit a certain chemical that gives away your blood type through your skin then mosquitoes will bite you long before they bite those who lack that chemical.

Carbon dioxide also attract mosquitoes. That's right, just breathing. Of course, different people breathe differently. So, maybe when you're out in nature, try to breathe softer? The article mentions alcohol attributes to heavier breathing. Studies have found people breathe heavier while under the influence so I guess having a few brewskis while camping will just lead to more bug bites. did offer a helpful craft to help repel bugs though. They said instead of using bug sprays or zappers, this handy, do it yourself project, will help keep the skeeters away.

That does look handy, but just to be on the safe side, I'll stay inside.

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