Mondays during the month of April have been crazy busy and crazy fun at Plains Commerce Bank.  Every Monday we've been doing live remotes at Plains Commerce telling people how they can save thousands of dollars with a simple phone call or a couple clicks on their computer.

This morning I was talking with Chris Vinson and some of the other mortgage bankers at Plains Commerce and they said, we should come up with the top ten reasons to call Plains Commerce Bank today.  It was easy to come up with ten good reasons.  Here they are.

10.  Bragging rights.  I hadn't thought of it, but people do like to brag about the great price they got on a new car, they like to talk about their kids if they get good grades and they like to talk about getting the lowest interest rates.  If you call Plains Commerce Bank today you can get a 'rate you can brag about.'

9.  It's fast and easy.  In fact the crew at Plains Commerce Bank say it's easier and less stressful and less scarey than a trip to the dentists office.

8.  Skip a payment.  Depending how you set up your Mortgage, you very well may be able to skip your first payment.  That's like free money and a  great way to start anyone's day off.

7.  Fix up the home.  Some people are taking a look around their place and saying, 'I'd really like new carpets or some updates, or I had some damage from the storm.  A refinance of your home mortgage and a quick check of where you 'could save' can net you thousands and the improvements you want or need today.

6.  Don't start over.  With a Re-fi at Plains Commerce Bank you can pick up, right where your at today, or save even more by shortening the actual term of your loan.

5. Keep your payments local.   Many people would rather they keep their money in a local establishment.  Many times you will have just that happen with Plains Commerce Bank.

4.  No Closing Costs.  Depending how you set up your mortgage, chances are you come to closing with little or NO closing costs.  (you get to save money, and it doesn't cost you money to save)

3.  $1000 gift card to Montgomery's Furniture.  At closing you get a card that you can use for actual furniture, window treatments or any of the product or services they have at Montgomery's.

2.  Rates are at all time loans. In many cases you can get your 15 year home loan in the 2's.  That's a bragging number folks.

1.  Plains Commerce has great I 'dotters' and T 'crossers.'  They are not only quick and courteous to work with, they are flat out good at what they do.

That's a top ten list of reasons to refinance your home today, with Plains Commerce Bank.  You can call them today at 605.330-0133 or they are just a click away at