An Australian mother has made her bid for "Parent of the Year."

The unidentified woman's daughter and friends were apparently lying about having sleepovers so they could go hang out with older guys. The punishment she came up with was pretty brilliant. She decided to sell the One Direction tickets she bought for them on eBay.

I love the punishment idea, however in the listing she was pretty harsh on the girls.

"You can thank my daughter's self-righteous and lippy attitude for their sale.  See sweety?  And you thought I was bluffing.

"You all LIED to us about sleepovers so you could hang like little trollops at an older guy's house.  I find it highly amusing you girls think you invented this stuff.  Tricks like this on OUR parents is how half of you were conceived."

Unfortunately the bidding started getting out of control and eBay temporarily pulled the auction when the bid for the tickets got up to $37,200. It's not clear if they will reinstate it or not.

Here's the screenshot of the listing on eBay: