I just leaned that Minnesota is the best place to grow up.  That according to the Washington Post.  Kudos to them.

South Dakota was ranked 14th.  Four better than last year.

Growing up in a state of 10,000 lakes is cool.  Unless you don't like the water!

We asked around and found out ten areas to compare the two states.  Below is what you said:

Best of the Best Minnesota South Dakota
Attractions 10,000 Lakes Mount Rushmore
Fishing Walleye Walleye
Food Tatter Tot Casserole Mountain Oysters
Sports Everything Not everything
Highways Nice Potholes
Shopping Mall of America Family Owned Business
Gun Laws Tight Better
Traffic Long commutes, Jams Easy
Fireworks Purchase Go to South Dakota You’re welcome Minnesota
Only One Spam Museum Corn Palace

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