Our neighbors to the east in Minnesota no longer have to drive to South Dakota, Iowa  and Wisconsin to get their hooch on Sundays.

As of last Sunday (July 2), Minnesota is no longer a dry state when it comes to the sale of alcohol on Sundays.

KDLT News is reporting Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill back in March repealing the century-old ban of Sunday alcohol sales in the state. The new law, lifting the ban went into effect last Sunday, and by all accounts, it was a huge success.

Jen Krant, manager of Slayton Liquor in Slayton Minnesota told KDLT News, “It went very well, but I think it’s because of it was the 4th holiday weekend.  So a lot of people are out camping, boating, having fun, spending time with family so it was busy.  I was very impressed. I had numerous comments, people just stopped in because we were open on Sunday, because they’re just like oh this is cool, we’ve never been able to do it before."

Having the option to buy alcohol 7 days a week is a good thing according to most of the people interviewed in the KDLT News report.

The general consensus is, convenience, combined with the state's ability to make extra money, appear to be the two biggest benefits of the newly lifted century-old ban.

According to KDLT, a number of Minnesota cities have still decided to opt out of selling liquor on Sundays. However, many of those cities do have plans to begin selling on Sundays sometime later this year.

Source: KDLT TV

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