What is wrong with men? How can it possibly take us longer to get ready than women? According to a study in the U.K. men take more time to get ready to go out than women do. Men in the U.K. are likely different from men in the U.S. but still, this is nonsense to me. Some other interesting facts in the study include:

42% of men say they use a hair dryer. I can see this if you have longer hair, but if you have short hair, like most men do, just rub it with a towel some more.

88% of men pre-plan what they are going to wear. Men grab whatever doesn't stink, they don't plan.

76% of men try on several different outfits before settling on one. Again, grab and go. If it doesn't have a spaghetti sauce stain or smell like a dead animal, any of the shirts is fine.

Men shouldn't have to take more time than women to get ready. Most of it is the same. You have to shower, shave some things, do your hair, though that normally takes longer for women than men. But there's one thing women have to deal with that men don't: make-up. Unless a guy is Mr. Goth or going to a Halloween party, he doesn't have to deal with make-up.

What could be taking guys so long? I think I have the answer. It isn't actually taking longer for men to get ready. My wife doesn't think I'm "ready" unless I'm sitting in the car with the engine running. If I'm ready but just have yet to put on my shoes or coat, I'm not ready. Therefore it took me longer to get ready than it did for her. At least that's what I'm going to go with.