It was a political announcement that caused a shake-up, but not what most had anticipated as the Democrats have one less member in their ranks.

During a gathering at the Downtown Library, Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether spoke on his own behalf about a personal decision regarding politics.

“After this press conference, I am heading directly to the Minnehaha County Administration Building. I will be registering as an Independent.”

When it comes to his beliefs, Huether feels that he doesn’t fit within the current two-party system.

“I am a fiscal conservative and a social Libertarian that prefers the middle. I am very proud of the title moderate.”

Plus, Huether feels that people are growing tired of politicians that are playing to fringe issues on either side of the aisle.

“(People) are voting independently based on the person versus the politics. There is a movement out there and it is real.”

Huether says that he has been wrestling with leaving the Democrat party for two or three years before making it official.

Sioux Falls residents can be assured that the way City government runs will not change regardless of Mayor Huether’s political affiliation.

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