Earlier this week, the owners of a hair salon-and-gun store in Kansas were busted for owning guns, since one of them was a convicted felon.  11Points.com found some crazy mash-up businesses that hopefully aren't committing federal crimes.

-Party Balloons and Home Health Care in Venice, California.
-Mapleton Taxidermy and Cheese Store in Ontario, Canada.
-Funeral Home and Subway in Worcester, Massachusetts.
-Pizza and Wedding Dresses in Oneida, New York.
-Video Rental and Tanning in Marietta, Oklahoma.
-Towing and Ice Cream in Marshall, Missouri.
-Cars and Pool Tables in Visalia, California.

Some that we got called, texted and emailed in included:

-Church and Strip Bar
-Smoke Shop and Funeral Home
-Hearing Aides and Cell Phones
-Mel's Tavern and Child Care
-Andy's BBQ and Dentistry
-Carcass removal and Butcher Shop