An attempt to expand the rights of crime victims will get its turn on the ballot this November.

Citing the weakness of current laws in South Dakota and the success of similar measures in 32 other states, Jason Glodt (GLOAT) is touting Amendment S otherwise known as Marsy’s Law. Glodt said currently there are too many gaps where those who have fallen prey to criminals are unaware of assistance.

“There are some counties that do a good job with (giving out) a package of information that they give victims. It should be standardized and universal for every crime victim. It’s something that may seem so easy to do that could have a significant impact for victims.”

This issue also brings to light that there are multiple sides of the judicial process. Glodt submitted an example of who should have received references on what support was available.

“With tears (one victim) explained that she didn’t get any information. She fell through the cracks and it was very traumatic for her. She’s trying to understand a very complicated criminal justice system and she was lost. Something as simple as giving her a card so she should have known where to go for help would have made a big difference for her.”

According to Glodt South Dakota would join Nebraska as the only states in the region that would have Constitutional rights at the state level for crime victims if voters approve Amendment S.

The effort to expand these protections has been ongoing throughout the United States for the past three decades.

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