My favorite professional dancer on 'Dancing With the Stars' is Mark Ballas. He is so dreamy.

This season he is paired up with Candance Cameron-Bure AKA D.J. Tanner from 'Full House.'

She is proving to be a pretty good dancer, but last night she really ticked me off!

She is a devout Christian and didn't want Mark to go shirtless during their Rumba.

Excuse me, do not deny America the joy of seeing Mark's beautiful physique.  God gave him that body and I think he should show it off!

I'm really not that upset, but I can't imagine a season of DWTS without a shirtless Mark Ballas.

The other standout performance of the night, to me, was Amy Purdy and Derek Hough.

Amy has prosthetic legs from complications from meningitis.  If i didn't know she didn't have legs, I wouldn't know she didn't have legs.

Last night they performed a swing dance and she just amazes me.

She is so motivational and inspiring.  I feel like I can't complain about Zumba being too hard ever again.  I mean she is competing in dance competition on TV without legs! Not to mention she is an Olympic medalist in snowboarding.  What do I have to complain about, seriously?

After worrying so much about her legs I find it funny that they messed up their arm pass, but what are you gonna do?

She's still awesome

Diana Nyad and Sean Avery were sent home last night in a shocking double elimination. That leaves Billy Dee Williams still in the running.  The guy is a trooper.  He's had hip and knee surgeries and is pushing 80.  Keep up the good work.