An armed and dangerous man wanted in connection to multiple burglaries and prompted a 12 hour standoff near Crooks has been caught.

Micah Buum was taken into custody after a short chase through a parking lot on Maple Street. Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office sent out a photo of the man in cuffs sitting on the ground via Twitter on Tuesday.

In a press release from Sgt. Pete Jaros, initially Buum was spotted 2:00 PM, riding a motorcycle and officers attempted to make a traffic stop. There was no immediate pursuit due to the traffic conditions at the time.

Later Buum was seen in an apartment complex on N. Maple Lane. As officers set up a perimeter he remounted his motorcycle and drove into a nearby field.

Buum eventually dumped his bike and tried to escape on foot. Just before being captured, Buum threw a handgun that was later reported as stolen. Police also found a controlled substance during the arrest.

Charges against Buum now include his outstanding warrants, possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property. Police are still investigating burglaries which may have ties to Buum meaning additional charges may be pending.

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