Every now and then a bird will fly into my garage when I've got the door open. I hate it. Because I can never get them to leave. And as soon as they start flapping their wings close to me it freaks me out. So if what happened to the guy in this video happened to me, I would be completely paralyzed by it.

A guy named Colton Wright scored a viral video on Youtube when his cat apparently drug an owl into the house. The owl appears to be fine because when he approaches it in the kitchen it starts flying around the room and Colton, like I would do, freaks out. [WARNING - PROFANITY IN VIDEO, NSFW]

Then he gets over his hysterics and has the brilliant idea to use a Swiffer to get the owl out. The second video starts with the owl already perched on the Swiffer and he slowly lowers it down and out the window. The owl is staring at him with those gigantic eyes the whole time. It's freaky! [WARNING - PROFANITY IN VIDEO, NSFW]

I don't think I would have been so calm, honestly. Nor would I have had enough of my wits to think of the Swiffer. I probably would have just shot the thing like Daryl did in the first episode of season three of "The Walking Dead" and had owl stew.