On one hand, this guy is going to prison. On the other hand, I think every woman in the world wishes their boyfriend or husband would go this far for them in a crisis.

On Sunday, 31-year-old Robert Boudreaux of Deltona, Florida was driving with his 22-year-old pregnant girlfriend when their car ran out of gas. They started walking, but after a few miles, Robert's girlfriend started bleeding down below.

Robert knew she needed to get to a hospital, so he made a snap judgment and carjacked a guy in a Buick. He grabbed the driver and threatened to shoot him if he didn't give up his car, even though he didn't have a gun.

The driver got out, and Robert started speeding toward the hospital. He was passing cars in the turning lane, flying between lanes, and trying to get there as fast as possible. He also ignored all the cop cars trying to pull him over.

When he got to the hospital parking lot he kept trying to avoid the cops by driving in circles, but eventually they cornered him. Then his girlfriend was admitted. There's no word on her status or the baby's status.

The cops noted that Robert had two cell phones, so he could've called 911 for help instead of carjacking the Buick. He was arrested and hit with several charges, including armed carjacking.