Dwayne Matthews was walking down the street in Willenhall, England one day when some guys in a van pulled up next to him and offered to sell him an African Rock Python. He thought it was a good deal so he bought the snake.

What Dwayne didn't know was that this particular breed of snake is the third largest in the world and is capable of constricting an antelope and swallowing it whole. This lack of knowledge almost cost Dwayne's friend his life.

Dwayne woke up one morning to find the snake next to the couch where a friend was sleeping. The snake's jaw was unhinged, ready to eat his friend. He threw a blanket over the slithering beast and subdued it until someone from a local zoo could come over and take care of it.

The cops got involved and Dwayne got a suspended eight week sentence for receiving stolen goods.

In case you never saw it, here I am being harassed by a snake.