On Friday night Reggie Robinson, a rookie Atlanta police officer, responded to a call of possible drug activity. He ended up chasing down a suspect, 20-year-old Frank Nance, and tackling him. Nance turned on him and pulled a gun, shooting Robinson in the face.

Involvement with drugs was mistake number one, running from an officer was mistake number two, but shooting and wounding a police officer was the dumbest mistake he could have made. Of course, it is just plain evil. But getting caught will only lead to you either being shot or getting the crap beat out of you. Luckily for this guy, he got the latter.

Nance's mugshot shows that beat took a solid beating and even looks like he could be in makeup as a zombie in The Walking Dead. Police officials won't comment on why he got so beat up, but I don't think anyone would be outraged too much if he was pummeled for shooting a fellow officer.

The good news is that Officer Robinson, 35, survived the shooting and is in stable condition. He had just graduated from the police Academy in November.