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This 38"x 22 75" wooden flag art is handcrafted by Adam Long from Sioux Falls SD. Here is his story and why this project means so much to him and those he helps.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Sioux Falls. I graduated from Washington high school in 2001.

When did you join the military?

I joined the United States Navy directly out of high school and worked in a helicopter squadron. In 2010 I transitioned into the Air National Guard as a fire fighter. I experienced a serious leg injury in a firefighting accident and after many limb salvage surgeries I am currently in the process of being medically retired.

Photo by Adam Long

When did you start woodworking?

I have been woodworking periodically for my entire adult life but it was mostly random home projects. Most everything I have made has been self taught through trial and error. I recently have met a new friend and woodworking mentor, Bud at Jubilee Wood Crafters who has intrigued me to work on more projects.

What do you enjoy about the creative process?

I really enjoy woodworking for so many reasons. I love creating things from my imagination, working on projects that don't require technology and most of all creating beautiful projects out of an imperfect product. Every board is different.

Photo by Adam Long

What motivated you to create this style of project?

The American Flag represents so much in our country and in my life. I could think of nothing better for me to make than American Flags. And besides, everyone should have an American flag in their home! I planned on making a few for close friends and family and that's it.

What was the motivation behind donation portions of the proceeds?

After I made my first flag and showed a few family members and friends, they all loved it and many of them asked if I would make them one. I instantly thought that I should make and sell these flags for the benefit of my fellow Veterans.

What would you like people to know about the place you are donating to?

I chose Wind River Ranch in Estes Park, CO to donate the money to. They have 4 weeks they donate to Healing Warriors and their families. They have been doing this since 2013 and served hundreds of Veterans and family members. The ranch is unique in that it merges the Veteran, their family, nature and God. This is the very ranch that saved my life and my marriage 3 years ago. Ever since that first week at the ranch I have done anything possible to help them serve more Veterans. This ranch is saving Veterans lives!

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Photo by Adam Long

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