See, THIS is why when you see someone in trouble you should just look the other way instead of trying to help.  Let the cops or Batman handle it.

On Monday morning, two people were driving in Plainfield, New Jersey and saw a man and woman FIGHTING on the street.  They thought the man was robbing the woman, so they ran over and held the guy down while the woman ran away.

There was only one problem.  When the cops got there, they found out the MAN was the one being robbed . . . by the WOMAN.  And thanks to the two Good Samaritans, the robber got away with about $400 in cash and a $500 gold chain.

The police say they have some strong leads on the robber, and believe they'll be able to track her down.

They've also cleared the two Good Samaritans, after checking to make sure they weren't helping the woman rob the man . . . they just did a REALLY BAD JOB trying to be helpful.