According to the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls:

A very unique space event will unfold Friday night Feb. 10th! A full moon, lunar eclipse, and even a comet will all grace the skies Friday night.

The Full Moon, known as the 'Snow Moon' will peak at 6:32 pm.  The maximum Eclipse will follow at 6:43 pm.  Then Comet 45P will be most visible around 2 am Sat. morning.

According to

Comet 45P shows up with a bright green tail and scientists say it's ancient, although it was not discovered until 1948. Typically it hangs out by Jupiter's orbit but ventures into the inner solar system from time to time. The last time it made a swing through our neighborhood was 2011 and it's due back in 2022.

Let's hope we have clear skies Friday night!

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