Wes Eisenhauer, who is a local photographer in the Sioux Falls area, recently came back from a trip to California. As the plane was making its decent,  he could see the roof of his building for a few miles before landing. That is when he came up with this great idea. To paint a message. To welcome visitors far and wide.

So last week him and a few friends painted the entire 16,000 square foot blank canvas on the roof that read, "Welcome to Sioux Falls." The crew spent around 8 hours to complete the project. When complete Wes said, "It shows pride in our city. We're all proud of where we live."

Eisenhauer gave a thank you to: Isaac Show, Zach DeBoer, Joe Hubers at Passenger, Molly O'Connor at Lemonly for the design, and Sioux Falls Paint & Decorating for donating supplies.

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