A friend of mine Jason Yoshino and his wife decided to start their first holiday tradition on Christmas day. Jason and Jess are newlyweds, and might I add I always enjoy Jason's Facebook status's about how much in love he is.

The tradition was for them to go out to have breakfast on Christmas morning and leave a big tip for their server. Their server happened to be a young single mother who was stuck working on Christmas. They ate and left a $100 tip! Love this idea. They took a picture of it and posted it on Jason's Facebook. Almost immediately it went viral!

At last time I checked there were 278,268 LIKES on his picture. 3,813 shares (including mine) and 6,629 comments on there! WOW! Totally not what they were expecting at all.

Of those 6,629 comments some were negative and some seemed offended. To those people: SHAME ON YOU! I love that they posted the picture with a hash tag of "Christmas Spirit" I think that seeing this would inspire others to pay it forward and do something nice for someone else. They were not bragging that they did this, they were just showing their friends their Christmas Spirit, and I am glad they did!

So Jason and Jess, keep sharing and posting whatever you like! I look forward to it and I know your other friends do too. And THANK YOU for showing others the Christmas Spirit!

Update: They are currently at 326,430 likes and 8000 comments! This is a message Jason sent to me:

Hi Mel,

You are right and we did this out of Christmas Spirit. We decided to post what we did to spread the spirit, inspire, encourage others and raise hope. We never ever imagined at all this would ever have reached where it has gone. We have donated to many different charities and individuals. We've gotten thousands of messages of support and requests from other media around the U.S. to discuss what we did. We just love to help people when we can. The people that truly know us, know that we care, love and support others. The only thing we ask is for everybody to just do a random act of kindness and to pay it forward when they can.

Thank you,
Jason and Jess