A drunk guy in Texas was at a restaurant with some friends and demanding free chicken enchiladas. His friend took himself outside to cool him off. They got into a fight and the drunk guy ended up biting off a chunk of his friend's ear.

We asked listeners this morning what the most obnoxious drunk behavior they ever witnessed. We got a bunch of great texts:

  • We went to Walmart because my friend had to use the bathroom and I went in to check on her about 10 minutes after waiting in the car and found her passed out on the bathroom floor. Had to wheel her out of the store in a wheel chair because she was dead weight and I couldn't carry her.
  • Drunk people eating leftover food from previous customers.
  • After the bar I took my cousin to Frying Pan he ordered a skillet they come in a white pan he told the waitress he was going to steal this skillet when he was done eating. She said whatever. After he was done he put the Skillet down his pants and he stuck my skillet down his pants. The next day I went to check on him at his house he was confused why the skillets were there and how they got there, however he was using them as an ashtray.
  • I was the dd one night in college and I'd donated plasma earlier in the day so I was a little light headed after dancing. I went to find my friends and tell them it was time to go outside for a while and my one friend - we'll call her Jane- was talking to a strange man. He was asking her to take a drink from his cup. When I asked him what was in it, he told us "roofies" and Jane actually drank it. Turns out he wasn't lying and Jane got really erratic before basically forgetting to walk and I kept getting dizzy and losing my balance from donating plasma and trying to carry her to the car... It was the worst night I've ever had at a bar. The one silver lining was that, like Tosha said, everyone in the bathroom was super nice and a group of really drunk girls dressed to the nines in heels and short dresses helped me corral Jane and get her to my car.
  • I had to drive my uncle home after a town celebration and he kept telling me to "quit driving like mrs. daisy and s**t pin it. At the time I had just turned 15 with a learners permit.
  • Once we where leaving valley fair and getting home at 1am we saw a lady with a duck bill on dancing at an atm. I hope she was drunk.
  • We were eating at a restaurant after the bar one night. My cousin went to the bathroom and was gone for a long time. Eventually we got a phone call from her crying and saying that she was trapped in the bathroom because another girl puked all over the floor and he bathroom door and she couldn't get out without touching it. We had to go get management to open the door and clean it up so my cousin could be freed.
  • I once got really drunk at a bar that was next to a used car dealership. Not feeling so well, I walked outside and leaned up against a minivan. I proceeded to puke on the side of the minivan. And then passed out in the back of a friends car. The next day I drove by, just in time to see a guy hosing off the minivan.
  • One time I left the bar an a lady screamed I habe to pee and the she came up to me and she said again I have to pe and the just started peeing in her pants.
  • I went into the bathroom at a bar and there was a girl standing in an open stall throwing up. She came out and asked me if I could help fix her makeup because her ex was out there with his girlfriend. I saw she had throw up all over her hair and on her clothes, so I told her it's probably a good time to go home.
  • The most obnoxious thing I've ever witnessed was BOTH MY PARENTS at the uncle Kracker concert when I was 19 and had to DD them. My dad made us all walk around the stage to find him to "apologize for the awful crowd" that showed up, and when it was time to leave my 16 year old brother had to chase my mom around one of the smaller stages until she finally gave up.