During a Tuesday interview with the Emergency Management Director for Lincoln County, Harold Timmerman tells us this week's rain created havoc in the area.

"So far, we did about 7 rescues---people that had gone in the water with their vehicles.  They were on top of their cars.  We had 1 incident at a construction site  north of Canton.  They were trying to move some equipment before the water came up.  It came up so fast 2 gentlemen ended up standing on top of a bulldozer until we could get a boat there.  The water got up to their chests.  We had some places in Canton itself where we had to boats to get people out."

Timmerman says this is the worst he's ever experienced in Lincoln County.

"I think that's pretty safe to say.  Right now, my first goal is to check with everybody's immediate needs and trying to fill them as best we can.  We gave up sandbagging because once the water gets so high sandbagging is futile.  We ran shorts of bags in a couple of cities.  We were unable to access Canton for quite a while because there was 3 to 4 feet of water over highway 18 going into Canton."

Timmerman urges residents to drive with caution on Tuesday as some roads remain under water.