A camp counselor has a life jacket to thank for what easily could have turned into a real tragedy on Tuesday (June 13) at Wall Lake.

KDLT News is reporting the camp counselor was demonstrating some canoeing and kayaking techniques to a group of campers from a local organization at Wall Lake around 11:45 AM on Tuesday morning, when she accidentally fell into the water.

The camping group called 911 immediately upon discovering the camp counselor was missing.

The woman was found a short time later, floating in the lake with her life jacket on, unharmed.

It was the campers quick response time, along with the fact that the counselor was wearing her life jacket, that helped save the women's life according to authorities.

This accident is yet another perfect example of why you should always make sure to wear a life jacket anytime you, your family, and friends are in, or near, a large body of water.

Staying in a group, being aware of your surroundings, and calling 911 at the first sign of trouble are the absolute best ways people can ensure their safety while on the water during the summer months according to authorities.

Source: KDLT TV

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