The earliest measurable snowfall occurred on September 28, 1985.  But, the earliest snowfall was on this date, September 18.  And in case you're wondering, the latest Sioux Falls has ever recorded snow is June 1st - which makes for a rather long 'possible' snow season.


My Grandpa used to have a few 'old timer' sayings regarding the weather:


  • If the leaves refuse to leave their boughs, the coming winter will be foul.
  • Black woolly caterpillars traditionally mean a cold winter.
  • If a caterpillar is light in the front and dark in the back it means the first part of winter will be cold and the last part warm.
  • If you see a beaver with sticks in its mouth, it'll be a hard winter best go South.
  • If the breastbone of a duck is red, it's suppose to signify a long cold winter.
  • If onion skins are very thin, then winter is mild when coming in.  But if onion skins are thick and tough, the winter will be long, cold and rough.
  • Big snowflakes, long lasting storm.  Smaller flakes, shorter storm.


If you know any more 'old timer' sayings, send them to me and we'll have to compare notes next June 1st - the end of the possible snow season.