If you have ever destroyed your phone you likely know this: it was completely your own fault. At least it was when I did it in the washing machine... twice.

According to a new survey of iPhone owners, 51% of people who've destroyed their phones have done it around the house. And 69% of iPhone accidents are caused by the owner.

The kitchen is the place where the most accidents happen. The living room is second, the bathroom is third, the driveway is fourth, and the bedroom is fifth.

The survey also found 9% of people have dropped their iPhone in the toilet 6% have left it on the roof of their car and driven off and 5% have accidentally run it through the washing machine.

Also, the liquid you're most likely to spill on your iPhone is water. Soda is second, beer is third, and coffee and tea are fourth. - (cnet)

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us how their cell phones met their demise and got some interesting, not mention disgusting stories. Check them out below. And visit fan our Facebook  to post your story.

Kelley Walsh: I washed my old flip phone in the dish washer...it made it through an entire cycle and [most] of the phone still worked!

Maureen Patch Smook: my 16 year old has been on our phone plan for 4 months now her first phone which was a very nice phone she dropped in a glass of water, her 2nd phone was an older phone she got water all over the key pad needless to say we are paying the disconnect fee if she wants a phone she can pay for a prepaid!

Susan Fahy Kermoade: i had one fall out of my coat pocket into the toilet at Walmart

Drew Sanders: After a long night of drinking, and ending praying to the porcelin gods, I woke up in the morning and spent about an hour looking for my phone only to find it sitting in the bottom of the toilet...BUMMER!

Alicia Fisher-Maynard: I had many go through the washer...about 4. I don't do well with cell phones.

Shavon Bormann: I was doing dishes, had the garbage disposal going for the pre-wash. My phone must have gone off b/c my child put the phone by the sink for me. Didn't realize it was there, and accidentaly knocked it into the sink, where it had the ride of it's life. Funny part is, all it needed after was a new battery. My husband still gives me crap about it.

Meghan Ann Bothe: My dad had a phone that fell out of his pocket and went through an auger..... pieces everywhere..

Lindsey Babekuhl: Flushed it completely down the toilet in a bathroom at Orthopedic Institute...

Tara Hoffman: I told my step daughter to throw her dads phone in the fish tank and she did I didn't think she would do it. I don't think he did either lol then we we're setting up the pool and my son threw something in the pool I said what was that lee said that's ur phone as he's laughing so GOT ME BACK lol

Foxtrot Fulton: Was standing on the cat walk of the tractor when mulch finishing the and I came out of my pocket and pretty much was shredded and was five hours from home

Jason Todd Augustine: I was drinking kool-aid and I was texting.. And then bam! Dropped it in the cup..

Austin Dirks: my dad's ex's phone fell out of her pocket while she was getting in the car, and she... kinda ran it over...

Melissa Meeker: A cup of milk took the life of my phone

Diana Torguson: My boyfriend dropped his blackberry off his hip and ran it over with his semi.

Lisa Marie Cheeseman: Was at the palasades(sp) when i was 16 and was climbing rocks was talkin to my mom next thing i know it slipped out of my hands and it went in the river.

Erika Cotton: Im a farmer, so one february when we were calving i had put my phone in the pen pocket of flannel. Well i had to pull a calf that night so i took off my winter coat and pulled the calf. The second the calf came out, afterbirth splashed all over me and the pen pocket collected like three cups of the afterbirth, drowning my phone:(. Safe to say ill never do that again.

Naomi Buck: I was mad at my ex. I tried washing his Razor phone in the washer to get back at him. It went through the dryer too and worked fine... unsure

Mel Simpson: Had it in my purse and a drunk guy hitting on me at the bar spilt his drink and saturated everything inside including my phone.. Def did not give him my number after that one!!

Jason LeRoy Schomacker: Got mad and threw at the ground as hard as i could shattered the screen bent the frame even bent the battery ....still rang when u called it

Sara Kay Vogel: Fell out of my pocket while skydiving

Katherine-Elizabeth Pilachowski: Dropped it in a mop bucket at work. Sad part I had just gotten the phone five hours before

Donald Baker: Dropped my android in a bucket of gas lol worst thing ever

Kevin R. White: Was in huntington beach, ca this past august for vacation, standing in the water jumping the little waves, cell phone was in my pocket and as I jumped again my phone fell out of my pocket! In the pacific ocean!

Dylan Schutz: drop in a agar at work

Heather Weatherford: My wall has assisted in the death of mine multiple times..

Tara Henning: My daughter dropped her phone in a bowl of cereal, turned around with the new phone and dropped it in a toilet. My husband use to keep his phone in the carpenter pocket of his jeans, and his phone went through the wash. I've never been able to get the rice method to work. My 4 year old dropped my 15 year olds phone on the concrete and shattered her screen.

Cody Billings: Had my phone on my lap In my excavator and forgot it was there when I went on break could'nt find it ended up running it over

Shanna Mehlbrech: when my daughter was 3 she thought moms phone needed to be washed and she stuck it in a glass of water.... was an hour later when i realized i didn't hear my phone go off for awhile and found it sittin in the water still

Lisa Rasmussen: Dropped into a very large glass if beer...it was toast frown

Cynthia Anderson: I destroyed my husbands by setting it in a window sill and when someone shut the door the window fell on it frown

Aaron Jess Blake: It's at the bottom of the big sioux in Dell Rapids. I knew it was a bad idea to take it tubing

Kelley Bublitz: flushed down the toilet while drinking one night

Jonathon Keith Fitzpatrick: Mine is at the bottom of a lake in Alaska. Dropped it in there while trying to take a picture of a whale on a whale watching excursion. Damn whales...

Danielle Cherise Wolff: i accidently peed on mine when i was wasted. I win lol

Marissa Fiedler Orr: I set mine on the trunk of my car when I was filling up at the gas station. I left the station and went to the car wash and washed my car. After I washed my car and was heading out of town I realized I couldn't find my phone. It had gotten wedged under the spoiler and stayed there from when i left the gas station and thru the whole car wash.

Kyra Marie Degen: Left my phone on top of my car at www, flew off the roof, we tried calling it because it was still on then someone answered told us where to pick it up, went there and said they would give me my phone back for 20 dollars. I told him he could keep it so I got a droid