Eventually it was going to happen this summer.  While I'm working at home, my 10 and 14 year old open the door to the studio, flop on the floor and announce "I'm bored!"  Sometimes they are reminded to find their own fun, and other times we need to go find something to do together.  After all, it is summer and these are the days to create memories while the kids are young.

If your kids are telling you they're bored, here are Boredom Busters in or near Sioux Falls:

Sioux Falls Parks beckon your kids with park activities, youth band, volley ball teams, swimming pools and many other choices.

Sioux Falls Park and Rec Activity guide is an online resource for activities and camps throughout the summer.

Siouxland Heritage Museums have a couple of locations with awe inspiring things for little eyes to see and an assortment of hands-on learning items too.

Siouxland Public Libraries offer much more than books.  They have kids activities, magicians, summer reading programs and crafts.

The Kirby Science Discovery at the Washington Pavilion has many hands-on activities and displays, allowing the kids to burn off some energy, rain or shine.

Sertoma Butterfly house offers more than butterflies.  The Pacific Tide Pool is open with ocean creatures to discover.

Lake Alvin and Wall Lake are close by.  Both locations have a sandy beach for summertime fun.

Newton Hills just South of Canton offers horseback rides, trails and camping.

Prairie Village in nearby Madison takes your kids back in history to see the buildings and items from years gone by in a small town setting.  A small fee gets your kids on an old fashioned carousel ride.

The Children's Museum in Brookings is the place your kids will ask to visit again and again.  With all the interactive activities, they'll never guess it's a time to learn while they play.

Vacation Bible Schools: There are too many churches and programs to mention here.  Just google Sioux Falls Vacation Bible School and you'll find a variety to choose from.

Palisades State Park near Garretson has trails, camping and a rustic swimming area in the river.

The South Dakota State Parks Outdoor Campus invites you to stop by anytime for a walk through the campus, including indoor fun for the kids.

The YMCA offers camps, programs and drop in activities.

Indoor play areas and Restaurants:

  • McDonalds on 26th Street just East of Cleveland Ave has a two story play-land.
  • Chuck E Cheese on Louise, just north of 41st Street has free admission and a limited amount of free toddler activities.  Tokens can be purchased for older kids to play additional games.
  • The Empire Mall has a children's play area in the Sear's wing.  There's a lot of comfy seating for parents to take a break while the kids play.
  • Skyzone has multiple trampolines and a foam pit for hours of jumping fun.  Parents do need to sign an injury waiver for the kids to participate.

Whatever Boredom Busters you choose this summer, have a great time with your kids!