Justin Timberlake hasn't released new music since in quite some time. That finally changed on Monday when 'Suit and Tie' was released. The song, which features an obligatory rap section provided by Jay-Z, differs drastically from the sound of FutureSex/LoveSounds. That has not been a turn off for music buyers.

According to Billboard.com, 'Suit and Tie' is on pace to sell between 330,000 - 350,000 downloads in it's first week. That would be at least 32 percent more than 'SexyBack' sold in it's first week of release in 2006.

That estimate is slightly lower than the 400,000 download estimate that Billboard announced earlier in the week.

While 'Suit and Tie' doesn't have the infectiousness of 'SexyBack', it is yet another refreshingly unique single to hit radio airwaves in the last year. For quite some time, Top 40 radio hasn't had a lot of diversity. Rap became more pop, pop music seemingly "featured" the rapper of the hour for 20 seconds to helps sell more copies, and crossover rock and alternative music all but disappeared.

In 2012, artists like Fun., Gotye, and The Lumineers, to name just a few, suddenly rose to the forefront and breathed new life into pop music, breaking up the monotony of the cookie-cutter pop that was starting to all sound alike.

The lounge-ish/retro feel of 'Suit and Tie,' while probably not the greatest single Timberlake will ever release, is a welcome change of pace.

Listen to 'Suit and Tie'