Justin Timberlake has released his official video for ‘Suit and Tie.’  He’s going with an old school feel for the song and the video.

The song is definitely growing on me, but this video leaves me a little sad.  While I do enjoy seeing Justin singing and dancing again, I do not enjoy seeing him smoking and oogling half naked dancers.

The video shows Justin flicking a cigarette in the beginning.  Not a fan.  Smoking is bad.  In his lyric video he is shown with a cigarette multiple times.  I’m not sure if he really is a smoker now or if the old school feel warrants a cigarette because everyone and their brother’s mother’s sister smoked back in the day.

Now, on to the half naked dancers.  The video is going along just fine and then Jay-Z steps to the mic and we get slow motion, half naked dancers writhing around.  Unnecessary.  I could be jealous of these dancers or I just think we could get a new idea in the music video world instead of half naked women dancing.  It’s been done. A lot.

One thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the product placement.  The whole video is reminiscent of old Hollywood and then cut to the newest in tablet technology.  I’m not sure if it’s an iPad or what, which means the product placement didn’t even work.  It kind of takes you right out of the motif of the video.  I know the video is really supposed to be showing a mixture of new and old, but product placement always bothers me.  I understand that the video probably wouldn’t have been made without that product’s sponsorship, but it could have been done in a better way.

I know this kind of makes me sound like a negative Nancy, but overall I liked the video.  I just want the best for Justin so I think this feedback could help him in the future.  As I said before, I do enjoy getting to see Justin sing and dance again so I really can’t be hating on any medium that allows him to do so.