So by now, I'm sure most of you have figured out that I love Justin Timberlake.  I refer to him as my boyfriend even though I am fully aware that I may never talk to him in my life.  I am also fully aware that he is married to Jessica Biel.  It was a bitter pill for me to swallow when I heard he got engaged and even more bitter when they got married.  They both seem genuinely happy with each other, so in true love fashion, if he is happy then I am happy.

Justin was on Ellen yesterday and as much as I wish they could leave Jessica out of the conversation, she was brought up and Justin had some very endearing things to say about married life.  His words do not help me to get over him.  It only fuels my love flame for him.

Ellen then presented Justin with a belated wedding present.  The present was a gigantic portrait of Justin and Ellen gazing longingly into each other's eyes.

I like Ellen a lot and she seems to be a good judge of character and she really likes Justin so I take that as a sign that he must be a pretty nice guy.

The show started with a 'Let's Make A Deal' type game that Ellen played with the audience entitled, 'What's in the Box.'  There were some cash prizes as well, but of course the big finale reveal was Justin in a box.  Did you get the 'D^&# in a Box' reference there?  Then there was a stroll down memory lane with a montage of Justin's appearances on her show and what I found most amusing were the different hair choices by both Justin and Ellen.  Who among us hasn't made a bad hair choice? Am I right?

And of course there were a couple great performances from Justin.  Below is his performance of his latest single, 'Mirrors.'